by Android 18

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The first release from Louisville band Android 18


released January 1, 2015

Recorded by Mike Stewart
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Moore



all rights reserved


Android 18 Louisville, Kentucky

Android 18 consists of Joel, Noah, Jake, and Joshua

You can purchase a tangible copy of 'six' through the bigcartel link below

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Track Name: Sleeping Bag
Rising plateaus of moaning rain and crying strings
Pulling up crops of corn, wheat and grapes
Wandering forever away higher but without strength
Hurry! Hurry! Get em! They scurry like apes!
Said goodbye to the countryside

Said goodbye to the countryside
The city life was too good for me
Restlessness awakes their troubled sleep
Catch their wildest dreams!
They scurry like apes!
Track Name: Practice Space
We left it behind our eyes closed
Amnesia is real for us

A dog lives downstairs
His pockets are large
And all day long he pissed on the floor (and everyone in that room would give anything to pet that dog one more time)
We didn't clean it up
We didn't mind the stench

Submission into defeat

Even months later
(We fell in love with a hellhole)
Mansion memories keep pissing on my feet
(Pillars of privilege)
Track Name: Untitled for Now
Momentous treasures for sale
But only for one day more
Echo these words endlessly (eternally)
As if everything else was the dream
I hoped for a knock from you
There was a bleeding salesman dressed in all black
Holding a gun and crying for help
My heart skipped a beat
Track Name: Boys
Five minutes in,
A train goes by slow,
A plane lights up the runway,
The young know its time to show

Dance forever, and ever and ever
Searchlight sing me to sleep
Helicopters motion pictures flash
As I vomit colors into the sink

Five minutes out, turn off the spigot
Water rush, and shout: Everyone's a bigot
Track Name: Sassafras
Finally, an attempt at fame
The choice criteria towards imminent fate
Let's think about the odd sides of the die
How uneven and wonderful
Maybe this is wonder, without evenness

Leaf browsers include groundhogs, marsh rabbits and black bears
Clandestine usage, we lost where we were
Illusions of grandeur, delusions of safety
All is not well

I can't breathe
My mind can't keep in all these thoughts and her hands are killing me

Even when the old man drowns
He keeps his chin tucked in
He screams:
"If the world is our oyster then this oyster tastes of toxic shit"
Medicinally he cured his woes and moans for life with his ill-fated criteria of fame